Post taggati ‘superpowers’ is finally live!

After a couple of years of dreaming, brainstorming, crafting, sculpting, drawing and drinking thousands of coffees, is finally live! You can now have fun with The Ghetto Reaper or enjoy a good tofu steak with The Carrot Slayer. There’s a lot going on in Very Bravo’s idea factory, so stay tuned for more surprises. And don’t forget to check out Very Bravo’s posters and stickers or grab some free stuff for your phone/desktop!

Very Bravo is the new brand of toys, design and fashion, conceived by Italian artist Mauro Gatti. Very Bravo presents a line of optimistic products with a cheeky look on life. What if we could see all the bad things through an optimistic lens? Very Bravo’s recipe adds a notch of humour to everything that frightens you (even to the ugly monster under your bed)!

Very Bravo is produced by Superpowers and distributed by Atom Plastic.